Our Story
A long time coming...

Blake and Emily have such a fun and amazing story! It includes elements of total surprise and unpredictability, while simultaneously seeming expected or even a little pre-determined.

Their story begins as classmates back in the 5th grade. Emily sat one desk in front of Blake, to his anxious excitement and her eye-rolling frustration. While Blake may try to convince you he was ahead of the curve with his irresistible charm and wit, Emily will surely provide a more realistic description of their early interactions. Ask Maid of Honor, Meredith Redd, and she'll tell you she saw this marriage coming from the very beginning. Young Blakeman had found his eternal crush, and time would be his ally.

A few years later, Emily and Blake had been schoolmates for basically as long as they could remember. They were both members of the Alpine Church of Christ youth group, and shared increasingly more classes together at school. With time, Blake had matured into the young man that finally caught Emily's eye. From this point on, the foundation building of a true friendship was under way. Now Emily had found her eternal crush.

During these formative years, our two love birds cultivated plenty of quality time together. From catching up on Wednesdays and Sundays at Church to helping each other with Calculus and Chemistry homework on weeknights, Blake and Emily got to know each other in many different settings. At school events and football games, these two always went out of their way to say hello and share a big hug.

Blake eventually moved up to the Pacific Northwest for his undergraduate degree at the University of Washington in Seattle. Emily stayed a little closer to home and ultimately graduated from Texas Tech University with flying colors. The two tackled their early twenties head on and built up invaluable life experiences. In this case, the saying is completely true: absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Emily and Doodle, her faithful Boston terrier, settled into her new house in Dallas and Blake moved halfway back home to Colorado. They were able to reconnect increasingly more with holiday visits back in Longview and trips to Dallas for the occasional Cowboys or Rangers game. Each of them have such fond memories of their first official date on a rainy and thunderous night at The Libertine Bar in Dallas. Messaging and texting turned into casual phone calls, and eventually Emily struck up the courage to invite Blake down for the annual Hilton Gala. The couple's chemistry was undeniable, and the two felt an incredible sense of love and belonging together. Obviously, this was more than just a mutual crush and was in fact something rare and special. Once again time was their ally, and their relationship became official shortly thereafter.

You can take the man out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the man - especially when there's a beautiful, witty, inspiring young woman who's captured his heart. Needless to say, Blake found himself a job and an apartment in Dallas to be with the love of his life.

Blake proposed to Emily at the same Libertine Bar where they shared their first date back in 2015. Finally, after nearly 15 years of friendship and chemistry, Blake and Emily's story comes full circle. That young puppy love proved to be the love of a lifetime. These two could not be happier to be joining in holy matrimony, and are so excited to build their futures together.

"You were you,

And I was I;

We were two

Before our time.

I was yours

Before I knew,

And you have always

Been mine too."

Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure

Wedding Party

Meredith Redd - Maid of Honor

Childhood Best Friend-met in 3rd grade class at Pine Tree Elementary

Grace Huffman - Maid of Honor

Childhood Best Friend-met as cabinmates at Camp Waldemar

Chris Furrer - Best Man

College Best Friend-Fraternity Brother at University of Washington

Will Morgan - Officiant

Childhood Friend-Grew up with both the Bride and Groom in Longview, TX. Classmates at Pine Tree High School and members of Alpine Church of Christ.